Specialized Chocolate Processing Machines

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Sinaya produces confectionery machines for the chocolate industry and for industrial manufacturers of cookies, biscuits, wafers and dragees…Offering a wide range of high quality machines, we present all the solutions from moulding and tempering, enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, spinning machines, to wrapping machines including all peripheral equipment, for both industrial and artisanal applications.

Our machines are unique, simple and meet the international security standards. Our maintenance team is always available guarantying a high level of support to Sinaya’s clients.

Sinaya was established in 1975, working in industrial equipments, Sinaya never stop grewing and become leader and specialized in Chocolate machines. All our equipments are designed by professional team of engineers and specialized technicians. At Sinaya, we design equipments to offer efficient operations, fast start up and easy clean-up, all combined with an attractive styling, hygienic operation and sanitary design. Sinaya’s chocolate equipments are engineered for excellence and built to last.