Specialized Chocolate Processing Machines

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Shell Molding Line




Advantages of the mold line:

  • Stainless steel construction 304 aisi.
  • All controls on a central panel.
  • Fast movement from one mold to another without any change in the machine.
  • High quality even with small quantity of molds.
  • Various filling production of bars, bonbons with nuts, rice and other fillings.

Mold’s transport :


It contains a silo which feeds about fifteen molds automatically.

Molds’ sizes: 275x175x24mm.


Molds’ heating:


It heats molds before filling at 20 to 60 degrees with full control.


Section of molding and closing:


It closes the molds with chocolate by a hand mold of 150 liter and it cleans and scraps with hot scrapers.


Vibrating section:


It evacuates bubbles from molds with different speeds.


Shell makers:


Automatic device to turn molds 180 degrees to make shell with vibrating in a heating section.

Cooling tunnel for ready molds before filling.