Specialized Chocolate Processing Machines

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Cavanna - Flow wrapper


Cavanna - Zero 5 

Standard features:


- Continuous motion horizontal packaging machine for wrapping

products by using thermo sealable or cold sealable materials

taken from reel.

- Designed to reach over 1000 packs per minute depending on

the application.

- Monitor and keyboard easily accessible for quick data entry and

prompt reading of packaging machine working conditions.

- Double reel holder with oscillating servodriven braking system.

- Max reel diameter : 400 mm.

- Max reel web: 570 mm.

- Electronic servomotor drive system to control infeed chain

longitudinal sealing wheels and  transversal  sealing and cutting               


- Minimum and maximum product dimensions:

length: 50 to 600 mm.

width: 30 to 210 mm.

height: 5 to 140 mm.